AKRYLTYNK M is the latest in mosaic render coating based on acrylic resin and high quality colour quartz aggregates. The render features high resistance to weather, mechanical damage and thermal stresses.

Actual Area (sq m)
Total Price

AKRYLTYNK M is used to provide thin decorative coatings inside and outside of buildings, in particular or coating elements subjected to load-bearing stress, such as plinths, corridors and stairways.

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Available packaging size



M/AB1, M/AB2, M/AB3 + Blue glitter, M/B10, M/B20, M/B3, M/B4 + Brown glitter, M/C1, M/C2, M/CR1, M/CR2 + Ruby glitter, M/CR3, M/CT1, M/CT2, M/D1, M/D2, M/D3, M/D4, M/DA1, M/DA2, M/DA3 + Copper glitter, M/DA4, M/DB1 + Silver glitter, M/DB2 + Silver holographic glitter, M/DB3, M/DB4, M/DC1 + Gold glitter, M/DC2 + Gold holographic glitter, M/DC3, M/DC4, M/E1, M/E2, M/E3, M/E4, M/EA1, M/EA2, M/EA3 + Brown mica, M/EA4, M/EB1, M/EB2, M/EB3, M/EB4, M/EC1, M/EC2 + Transparent mica, M/EC3, M/EC4, M/O1, M/O2, M/O30, M/P10, M/P2, M/P3, M/Z1, M/ZC1, M/ZC2, M/ZC3 + Green glitter

Number of coats


1.0 mm – 3.0 kg/m2, 1.5 mm – 4.5 kg/m2

Drying time

up to 24 hours

 Application method

steel trowel. Available particle sizes: 1.0 mm and 1.6 mm

 Application temperature

From +5°C to 25°C


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