Concrete Effect compound 15kg


Francesco GUARDI Collezione concrete effect compound is a modern, ready mixed compound based on the highest quality acrylic resin and finely ground mineral fillers.

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The concrete effect compound by Francesco GUARDI Collezione is a modern, grey, ready-mixed compound based on the highest-quality acrylic resin and finely-ground mineral fillers.


  • - resistant to abrasion
  • - easy to apply and form
  • - very good adhesion to various surfaces
  • - through-dyed in grey
  • - creates a matt coating that imitates concrete
  • - for indoor and outdoor application


The compound is designed for the decoration of walls both indoors and outdoors, and can be applied to various substrates, including cement and cement/lime renders, gypsum, and gypsum boards. The product can be applied in rooms with periodically elevated humidity levels (kitchens, bathrooms), however without permanent contact with water. The compound is ideal for modern rooms, creating industrial and raw concrete effects with characteristic pittings and cavities

The GUARDI concrete effect compound should be applied on robust, durable and even substrates, which are clean, dry and free from dust, grease and other substances reducing adhesion. Prior to application of the compound, a well-dried and seasoned substrate must be primed with the Francesco GUARDI priming layer. Fresh cement and cement/lime renders should be primed after approx. 4 weeks, while gypsum renders – approx. 2 weeks after application. Gypsum finishing coats and surfaces made of drywall must be dedusted and then primed, e.g. using the Fixgrunt U. It is important to make sure that the surface does not leave any white dust when rubbed by hand. If necessary, use the Fixgrunt U twice, and then apply the Francesco GUARDI priming layer after an appropriate period. Walls covered with wallpaper: thoroughly remove the wallpaper and wash away the layers of glue using water and painter's soap, and allow to dry completely. Areas contaminated with mould or fungi should be cleaned mechanically and disinfected using the Biotox Total algicide and fungicide. Irrespective of the substrate type, always apply the Francesco GUARDI primer before using the Concrete Effect Compound. The compound can be applied after the primer has dried, i.e. at least 6 hours after completion of priming if optimum drying conditions were provided (temperature +200C, humidity of 60%).


The product should be thoroughly mixed and, if necessary, diluted with clean water in the amount of not more than 5%.


Use a steel trowel or a Venetian float to apply an approx. 1–2 mm thick plaster coat on a previously primed surface. Once the first layer has dried, i.e. after at least 6 hours, apply another one by spreading it evenly over the entire surface, and then start forming the structure. After application of an even layer, start forming the structure. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, use one of the methods listed below:
• perpendicular application of a clean trowel/float to different places on the wall;
• using the edge of a trowel/float to scratch out a structure that imitates cavities;
• placing a film on the plastered area and pressing it using a paint roller, taking the film off, and then smoothing out the surface with a metal trowel by moving in different directions;
• forming with a dry thread roller in different directions and places on the wall.

Irrespective of the forming method applied, it is possible to use a screwdriver to scratch out different patterns, including lines imitating the effect of joined concrete slabs.
In any case, approximately 10–20 minutes after making the structure (as soon as the trowel/float stops adhering to the wall), smooth out the entire surface using the trowel/float so as not to create thickening whilst leaving local pits in the compound’s structure. In order to extend the so-called open time, it is possible to sprinkle the compound’s surface with water. To obtain a coat with higher wear resistance or highlight the scratches in a different colour, it is recommended to paint the plastered surface with the Francesco Guardi lazure paint.


The decorative Concrete Effect Compound should be applied at substrate and ambient temperatures of +10oC to +25oC, avoiding direct sunlight during both the application and drying of the compound.



steel trowel, venetian trowel, paint roller


1-2 depending on the desired effect


12 hours






1,5 - 2,0 kg/m²


Additional information

Available packaging size

15 kg


grey + 120 colours

Number of coats



1,5 – 2 kg/m2

Drying time

12 hours

 Application method

steel trowel, venetian trowel, roller


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