Francesco GUARDI finish paint with velvet effect is a modern paint from decorative interior products line which enables the painter to obtain colour and tactile effects similar to antique furnishing fabrics from Damascus. Such effects may be achieved using a variety of tools and application techniques to restore the residential comfort of rooms and interact with current trends in interior design.

The paint with a velvet effect Francesco GUARDI Collezione is a modern indoor paint with very high saturation of metallic pigments. Thanks to its characteristics, the paint allows to obtain colour effects and tactile sensations similar to those which characterized the antique upholstery in Damascus.


  • - subtly illuminates the interior
  • - abundance of effects
  • - easy to apply
  • - highly efficient


This paint is designed for decorating interior walls on different surfaces, including cementitious plaster, lime-cement plaster, gypsum, drywall or gypsum and polymer skim coats. The product can be used in rooms with temporarily elevated air humidity (kitchen, bathroom) but without constant contact with water. The paint is perfect for decorating interior walls of rooms such as the living room, child’s room, bedroom, as well as for finishing works in restaurants, hotels and other rooms where a luxury velvet wall feel is desirable


The paint with the velvet effect Francesco GUARDI shall be applied on a strong and durable surfaces. The surface must be clean, dry and free of dust, grease and other substances that reduce adhesion. Before painting the surface should be primed with a latex primer Francesco GUARDI or other good quality latex paint in the colour of paint with velvet effect. The application of paint may start after drying of the primer ie. approx. 6 hours after painting under optimal drying conditions (temp. +20°C, humidity 60%).



Mix the product thoroughly before use. Depending on the effect you want to get, dry surface after priming might be painted using a variety of painting tools such as: Brush: dilute the paint with water 15 to 20%. Use a flat brush, size depends on the effect you want to achieve. Dip the brush in the paint getting rid of the excess and apply directly on the surface using movements at the discretion depending on the effect that you want to achieve. Sponge: dilute the paint with water 20%, soak the sponge in the product, and then distribute it using eg. a circular motion on the surface of the wall. Spatula: Use a plastic spatula or Venetian float depending on the desired effect. Apply the product directly with float or brush, then form a product with a spatula. It is possible to apply simultaneously or sequentially using a similar technique two or more colours, which makes possible to obtain an infinite number of effects. Two coats ensure a better end result. Glove: dilute the paint with water 10% - 15%, use a glove made of wool or synthetic. Distribute the product by glove on the wall surface with monotonous movements. A better result can be achieved by applying two coats.



Painting using paint with velvet effect Francesco GUARDI should be carried out at a surface temperature and ambient temperature from +5°C to +25°C, avoiding direct sunlight, both during work and drying. LAKMA® SAT is not responsible for the quality of painting in case of not complying with these instructions



sponge for decorative effects F. Guardi, brush, spatula, paint mitt, paint roller, spraying


10 - 25 m²/l


12 hours


1-2 depending on the desired effect






Additional information

Available packaging size

1 L


Antracite, Apricot, Bottle green, Cappuccino, Celadon, Cement grey, Chamois leather, Cobalt blue, Coral, Cream, Cream beige, Ecru, Emerald, Golden, Golden straw, Graphite, Grey beige, Heather, Indian pink, Lemon, Lime, Melon, Nude, Pale pink, Pearl, Pink, Rosy Lavender, Ruby red, Ruddy pink, Salmon-dark, Salmon-light, Silver, Straw, Turquoise blue, Turquoise green, Vanilla

Number of coats



10 – 25 m2/l (for one coat)

Drying time

12 hours

 Application method

brush, sponge, spatula, glove, roller, spray


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