The Francesco GUARDI lazure paint offers an exclusive finish to surface colouring and impregnation of products in the Francesco GUARDI decorative line,
such as travertine and concrete effect compound. Apart from its decorative value, it offers a protection against water and washing



Francesco GUARDI Collezione Lazure Paint should be applied on solid and durable substrates. The substrate must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and other substances that reduce adhesion. Highly absorbent substrates should be primed before painting with colourless lazure paint diluted with water in the 1:1 ratio or a primer, e.g. “Fixgrunt U”. The paint may be applied after the priming coat has dried i.e. after at least 6 hours from the end of priming provided that optimum drying conditions were provided (temperature +20oC, humidity 60%).



Mix the product thoroughly before use. Depending on the desired effect, the dried surface may be painted with various painting tools, i.e. a brush, roller, sponge, glove or cloth. When colouring travertine and concrete effect compounds with the lazure paint in the chosen colour, we recommend painting with a brush in the direction of the pattern or the so-called “scratching” in order to achieve a "distinctive” effect on structural surfaces. After painting of approx. 1 m2 of the surface, excess of the product should be removed by "pulling" away with a sponge soaked with water or by using a trowel with a sponge. The paint may be applied on the substrate in 1 - 2 layers. Another layer may be applied only after the previous coat is dry, i.e. after min. 6 hours. Depending on preferences, subsequent layers of paint may differ in colour and application method. It is important not to leave any streaks when applying the product with your tool of choice.
The GUARDI concrete effect compound does not require priming before colouring with the lazure paint.


The product is ready for use. The works concerning application of the lazure paint should be performed at the substrate and ambient temperature from +5°C to +35°C, avoiding direct sunlight on the surface on which the lazure paint is applied, both during the painting and its drying. Do not apply when air humidity exceeds 80%. The uneven hue of the lazure paint is characteristic for this product and does not constitute a problem with quality.


Additional information

Available packaging size

1 L



Number of coats



10 – 50 m2/l (for one coat)

Drying time

6 hours

 Application method

brush, roller, sponge, glove, cloth, spray


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