TOTALGRUNT  is a water based primer used as one of the components of the LAKMA® TERM external wall insulation systems. It reduces and evenly distribute the absorbability of the substrate and improves the adherence of all types of render coating (acrylic, silicone, silicate, silicate-silicone, mineral and mosaic). TOTAGRUT is available in colours matching the colours of render coating.

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For priming construction substrates before render application in EWI LAKMA TERM System. The product lowers absorbability, offers surface substrate reinforcement and ensures good render adherence. Using a primer with a similar colour to the render facilitates the complete disguise of the greyness of SYNTEKOL PSW / SYNTEKOL adhesives which are used as a part of the building EWI LAKMA TERM System. TOTALGRUNT can also be used for priming cement, cement–lime, concrete and drywall substrates before the application of decorative and protective coatings.

Additional information

Available packaging size

12kg, 3.5kg


base P1, base TR3, LAKMA colour system

Number of coats



0.3 kg / m2

Drying time

from 12 up to 24 hours

 Application method

brush, spraying machine

 Application temperature

From +5°C to 25°C


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