TYNKSIL QS PLUS belongs to the latest generation of silicone dashed renders or vertical scratch coating compound. With its content of reinforcing microfibres and a cutting edge formula TYNKSIL QS PLUS is resistant to weather and aggressive environments. Due to the use of the highest quality silicone resins, it is resistant to water and dirt (i.e. has a self cleaning effect) while maintaining high vapour permeability. It is recommended both for traditional applications with a trowel and for application with the LAKMA TERM spraying method.

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TYNKSIL QS PLUS is used to produce decorative, thin-film coatings both inside buildings and for external use. It can also be used to provide the protective and decorative finish of façades on external wall insulation systems such as LAKMA TERM ST, LAKMA TERM WM and on substrates made of cement, cement-lime, concrete coatings, etc

Additional information

Available packaging size



LAKMA colour system

Number of coats



Drying time

8-12 hours

 Application method

trowel, render spraying machine. Ribbed structure, floated structure, Max. particle size 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 mm

 Application temperature

From +5°C to 25°C


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