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QUIKSET® is a fast, light, resistant and innovative resin compound, which expands in volume. It is intended for setting wooden and metal posts and profiles of various cross-section and shape. It is a revolutio- nary alternative to heavy, dirty and long-drying pre-packaged concrete. One two-component bag replaces up to three bags of pre-packaged concrete. QUIKSET is used to set wooden, metal, aluminium and plastic posts. It can be used to set garden posts, information boards, garden lamps, bicycle stands, park benches, gazebos, swings, picnic tables, individual playground elements, indivi- dual outdoor gym elements, sports grounds, for example basketball baskets, laundry dryers and others.

QUIKSET® is a two-component epoxide compound, of which 300 ml replaces up to 25 kg of concrete. After mixing and pouring into the opening between the post and the foundation, it expands in volume within 3-5 minutes. It subsequently forms a very hard-wea- ring and flexible material, which is fully weather resistant and water resistant. Full installation of complete fencing is possible within 15 – 30 minutes of application. QUIKSET does not require any water, electricity or any other tools. The entire fencing system is finished within one day.